Airpod Alternatives

Best Wireless Airpod Alternatives

The Apple Airpods are some of the most popular and best quality wireless earbud headphones currently available and come with some of the highest spec technology features you would expect from the Apple brand.

However, the Airpods also come with an expensive price tag too. If you are looking for the Airpod look and features but at a lower price point, here are the top 5 best wireless Airpod alternatives.

1. iOneSky

Fast Charging AirPods Alternative

Colour: White | Playtime: 5 hours | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • High-quality audio sound
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quick charging

These iOneSky wireless earphones look almost identical to the Apple AirPods and offer 3D audio quality for a great listening experience.

They connect through Bluetooth across a range of all your devices and are also quick to charge courtesy of their included carrying case too.

2. AceScreen

Long Listening Time Earphones

Colour: White | Playtime: 6 hours | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • Authentic Apple imitation earphones
  • Long listening time
  • Automatic pairing

These earphones from AceScreen have an authentic Apple AirPods appearance thanks to their sleek and white ergonomic design, and these earphones also offer a longer than most listening time of up to 6 hours, so now you can enjoy listening and connecting to all your devices for longer.

These earphones will automatically pair with all your devices a feature high-quality sound too.

3. Luakesa

Perfect for Using During Exercise

Colour: White | Playtime: Not Specified | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • Pairs easily with all devices
  • Waterproof, rain and sweat proof
  • Comfortable to wear

These imitation Apple AirPods from Luakesa are perfectly designed for use during exercise, and thanks to their IPX5 waterproof level, they are both waterproof, rainproof, and sweatproof too.

These earphones can pair easily with all of your devices via Bluetooth and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time too.

These earbuds come in white and look almost exactly like the Apple AirPods so are a great value option to choose when out running or when exercising at the gym for added style points as well.

4. UUR Wireless Earbuds

Ideal Earbuds to Share with Friends

Colour: White | Playtime: 6 hours | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • Long battery life
  • Share music with friends
  • Connect to all devices

These wireless earbuds from UUR have an Apple AirPods appearance and have a long battery life so you can enjoy listening to your music on the go for longer.

You can also use them to listen to them together or alone, making it easy for two people to share them at the same time, which is great for travelling or during exercise.

These earbuds effortlessly connect across all your devices via Bluetooth too and have an unmistakable white Apple AirPods appearance.

5. OneOdio

One Step Pairing Earbuds

Colour: White | Playtime: 18 hours | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • Automatically pairs with devices
  • 18 hours of playback time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

These earbuds will automatically pair with all your devices as soon as you remove them from the charging case for maximum ease of use, and feature 18 hours of playback time from a single charge thanks to the included ergonomically designed charging case.

Moreover, if you are not completely happy with your purchase, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not completely satisfied, you can return these headphones within a month to claim your refund.

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