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Best Wireless AirPods for 2021

The wireless AirPods from Apple offers some of the most high-quality wireless earbud headphones you can find on the market.

These Airpods have plenty of built-in special features, including filtering out background noise, enabling phone calls, and the ability to connect easily to Siri too.

Here are the top 5 best wireless AirPods.

1. Apple AirPods with Charging Case (2nd Generation)

Advanced Apple AirPods Design

Colour: White | Playtime: 3 hours | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • H1 Apple chip
  • Automatic connection
  • Control Siri

These Apple AirPods are 2nd generation and come complete with their charging case too, making them easy to charge up on the move.

The white colour is distinctively Apple, and these AirPods automatically switch on and off and connect easily to all your devices. You can also use them to control your Siri smart assistant too for added convenience.

2. Apple AirPods Pro

Noise Cancelling Immersive AirPods

Colour: White | Playtime: 3 hours | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • Noise-cancelling
  • 3 sizes of earbud
  • Water and sweat-resistant

These AirPods are great for a variety of different activities as they are both water and sweat-resistant too, making them perfect for work or play.

They come complete with 3 sizes of earbud included, so you can easily find the ideal most comfortable fit for you. These AirPods are noise-cancelling too for an impressive immersive audio experience.

3. Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

Easy to Use AirPods

Colour: White | Playtime: Not Specified | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • Simple connectivity
  • Use with Siri
  • Easily skip and find music tracks

These Apple AirPods offer simple and automatic connectivity across all of your devices and are also compatible to use when controlling your Siri assistant too.

The easy to use double tap controls means you can skip and find your favourite tracks on the move too.

4. Powerbeats Pro

AirPods Technology Featuring Beats

Colour: Black | Playtime: 9 hours | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • Apple H1 chip
  • Tough and sweat resistant
  • Extended listening range

These Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds offer all the quality and internal technology of the Apple AirPods and include the Apple H1 chip for an extended listening range and to be sure your audio doesn’t suddenly drop off.

Perfect to wear at the gym or hen exercising, these wireless earbuds are tough, durable, and sweat resistant.

5. Beats Flex Wireless Earphones

Internal Apple Technology for Optimum Listening

Colour: Black | Playtime: 12 hours | Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes |

  • Apple W1 chip
  • Comfortable ear fit
  • Easily connect across all devices

These Beats Flex wireless earphones include all the internal Apple technology you would expert courtesy of the Apple W1 chip which gives a better range and also improved audio quality.

Comfortable to wear all day, these earphones connect easily across all devices including your Siri voice assistant too.

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